Thursday, February 18, 2010

Day 2 – 40 Days for Life - El Paso

It was a quiet day today at the clinic. We saw a total of 4 women go in today to the abortion clinic. None of them took our information. All women were gone by 10:30am. Hilltop was covered all morning long in prayer and there was no sign of the abortionist. 

I think a highlight of the day was when Gloria, the abortionist nurse came out and told me, "Hi Sexy!" I laughed because I didn't ever expect her to say something like that. I am used to her giving me the middle finger on a daily basis and whenever she doesn't give me the middle finger I miss her attention. Gloria later told me to have a dozen children. I told her I would. Quite funny.

Yesterday was such a blessing especially after witnessing a woman change her mind. Today we found out that she saw a Priest praying at the abortion clinic which she took as a sign that she should not have the abortion. So thank you to the Priests who showed up to pray at the clinic! But it wasn't just any priest, coincidentally (well, we know with God there are no coincidences) her parish Priest was one of the Priests that was present yesterday morning! Furthermore, her parish community was there to support her in prayer and neither of them knew that!

It's a beautiful thought knowing that God puts certain desires in our hearts. Desires like wanting to pray outside a building where many babies are killed. It's a beautiful thought to know that God chose us on that one day to pray for that woman especially. I want to invite you to not ignore those desires in your heart. Allow the Holy Spirit to lead you in your desires especially when it has to do with defending life. Let us continue to pray to end abortion and fight for what we know is right.

Prayer: Heavenly Father, we thank you for choosing us on this day to serve you. Thank you for that opportunity to reach out to others. Thank you for allowing us to be your soldiers. You're the general, show us the way. In Jesus' name AMEN!


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