Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Day 7 – 40 Days for Life - El Paso

I would like to announce that today another human being was saved from being killed! I do not know the details yet of what happened but please keep a very brave mother named Natalie and her unborn baby in your prayers.

Today at the clinic it was a cold yet beautiful morning. There were snow flurries and it was just a beautiful sight. We saw a total of 5 women arrive to the abortion clinic. Today I prayed the Stations of the Cross with meditations by St. Padre Pio. His writings amaze me each time and I think about all of his sufferings and the persecution that he suffered from the evil one. Padre Pio was blessed with the 5 wounds of Christ Crucified so he knew pain and suffering pretty well. Padre Pio loved God so much it's so mind blowing. He says, "I have no wish whatsoever to have my cross lightened for it is a joy for me to suffer with Jesus. When I contemplate the cross on the shoulders of Jesus, I feel myself strengthened, and I exult with holy joy." He knew to share all of his sufferings with Jesus' sufferings. That's what I'm learning to do while at the abortion clinic which I like to compare to Calvary. What we suffer on our daily lives does not compare to what these babies suffer through abortion. What we suffer in our daily lives does not compare to what Jesus Christ suffered on the cross for our salvation.

Persecution is inevitable at times and it includes some sufferings - waking up early, fasting, standing in the cold, standing out in the hot sun, cars driving by and screaming profanities at you and the list goes on. To this list I want to add the clinic worker giving me the middle finger. Now if we convert all these "attacks" and "sufferings" to love, it becomes love when we unite them to Jesus' sufferings. There are times when I get flipped off and I feel great love for that nurse. I bless her and I translate her profanity as a hug.

On Monday it rained quite a bit. Knowing that God is in control of the weather, seeing this rainbow told me many things.

Rainbows have constantly been a reminder of God's promises to us. It also reminds me of hope after the storm. A rainbow forms when the sun shines onto rain like in the picture. A beautiful and colorful rainbow forms with the darkness in the background.

That is exactly what we see at these abortion clinics. Darkness in the background. But when we least expect it God shines the light and we see the beauty and value of life even if we are being persecuted or are suffering because we know that we brought light to this place and know that someone was touched by Christ. This is when sufferings and persecutions become sweet and joyful because you know that through Christ you made a difference in someone's life.

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