Saturday, September 25, 2010

Moving Mountains

Amen, I say to you, whoever says to this mountain, 'Be lifted up and thrown into the sea,' and does not doubt in his heart but believes that what he says will happen, it shall be done for him. Therefore I tell you, all that you ask for in prayer, believe that you will receive it and it shall be yours. – Jesus Christ (Mark 11:23-24)

It was an awesome day at Calvary abortion clinic this morning. The Glory of Our Lord Jesus Christ was manifested with each life saving event! I believe that Jesus is trying to teach that when we are faithful, many wonderful things can happen. In other words, our faith can move mountains!

Pat was sidewalk counseling this morning, but had to leave for awhile to attend a Funeral Mass, so I went to cover for Pat. As I was handing out information to the women arriving at the abortion clinic, Olivia came to pray. She had been moved to return to the clinic after a long hiatus. I asked Olivia to help me counsel and the first couple she talked to decided for LIFE! First baby saved and I’m sure that Our Lord used Olivia so she would know that she is welcomed back in the front lines. 

Meanwhile Estefania came over to help Sonia and Aria and give intercessory prayer support. I left to run some errands. Right after I left, another baby saved! Praise God for using Estefania, Sonia and Aria!

During the time when these two babies where being spared from abortion, Pat was at the Funeral Mass. She later commented on the timing: “As Jesus' Precious blood was elevated in the Chalice this morning at the Funeral Mass I placed all the babies at the mill in danger of abortion into the Chalice at 10:00A.M. At his time, within a few minutes apart, 2 babies were saved at the mill. Jesus, your power is awesome! Thank you!”

Later when Pat had returned to the abortion clinic from the Funeral Mass another mom decided to keep her baby! Praise God, this was the third baby in one day!

Pat continued her efforts to save the new security guard from the regrets of working at that place of death. He proceeded to tell her that yesterday (Friday) a young mom approached him and told him that her boyfriend wanted her to abort, but she didn’t. She was expecting twins! The guard told her to do what her heart was telling her to do. The boyfriend is a military police officer, so the guard told the boyfriend that if he forced the young mom to have an abortion, she could press charges against him. That he should set his head on straight. The boyfriend broke down in tears and realized his mistake. Those baby twins were saved from abortion!  Our Lord used the security guard to save these twin babies! Although these last two babies were saved a day earlier, we counted them today when we found out. 

A sixth baby that we found out about today was saved by Our Lord through the help line, 915-564-4444. These six babies, plus the other 5 in the first 4 days of the 40 Days for Life prayer campaign make 11 babies and their parents spared from abortion!

The icing on the cake was when a nurse approached Pat, gave her phone number and told her that she had quit! She is now looking for another job.

Please offer prayers for the babies, their moms, the security guards, the nurse and all those faithful persons that proved that in fact mountains can be moved with a little bit of faith.


Friday, September 24, 2010

Day 2 - Singing in the Rain!

Tropical storm Georgette did not stop Louisa who arrived first at the mill from Juarez in a t-shirt and capris.  In the pouring rain while being completely soaked and saying, "It's cold,"  she received pro-life information, a rosary, and a miraculous medal. At this time Miguel was being drenched in the rain, but praying the rosary for Louisa's change of heart. 

About 11:00A.M. she came out of the mill with her friend, hurried to her car in the sprinkling rain, said she was keeping her baby, and received her gift with a big smile and with a reminder that we are praying for her.
In the rain, Abbie hurried into the mill  while hearing some heartening, pro-life words from me.
When she ran out of the mill in her t-shirt and pants in the drizzling rain, she said with a smile that she was keeping her one-month old baby.  She also said,"I don't like this place," after being encouraged to use pro-life medical services.  She received only a soggy, blue rosary- blame it on Georgette!
This is what happened, "Singing in the Rain," while I got some exercise running after the mothers!! 

Thursday, September 23, 2010

Day 1 of 40 Days for Life

It's difficult to express the joy that comes every time 40 Days for Life begins! And it is even more difficult to describe the feeling every time a child is saved from death! That was the case on this first day of the national prayer campaign. This is probably the world's largest prayer campaign ever! 
But this is such a big deal. 
Two lives were saved today. 
Imagine that you're at a pool with your family or friends. You're having such a great time, or maybe you're busy cooking up some food for everyone. There are a bunch of kids in the pool and you realize that one of them is drowning. The kid could probably die because he can't swim. He can't scream either because he's drowning. What would be the right thing to do? Actually, you don't even question that, you automatically jump into the pool and try to get him out. After seeing you jump into the pool, someone else follows to help you out. Someone in the crowd says, "I know CPR," and the child is breathing again and finally safe.

Same thing goes with these precious little infants. We sometimes need to stop what we're doing, and sacrifice our time to help save a human being. Just like the drowning child, the unborn baby can't scream for help. They need our assistance. We need to jump in our cars and get to these places where many die. And when someone sees what you're doing, they will hopefully join you also and jump into this life-saving campaign. 

Please pray for Vivian and Pauline. These are the mother's that chose life today. They changed their minds because someone was involved in showing them the truth and saved them from "drowning." Pauline's friend talked her out of it. Vivian's partner was there for her. The sidewalk counselors provided the information. And 30 prayer warriors that prayed at the clinic that day made the biggest impact with their prayers.