Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Day 8 – 40 Days for Life - El Paso

Today was an exhausting day! When I got to the clinic, it was full of cars and not a spot available except for the nurse’s parking space. When one car would leave another would pull up and take the available space. It went on the entire morning until 11:00 am. On Wednesdays the "security guard" is not at the clinic so it made it much easier for myself and Gaby to counsel the women going in even though none of them took the information, except for one couple wanting a pregnancy test but went to House of Hope instead. One woman drove up after the couple. I walked behind her car as she drove into the parking space ready to give her the information to hopefully turn her away. As she pulled into the parking space, she opened the door and saw me standing in the alley. She quickly closed the door and remained in her car for about 10-15 minutes. After the amount of time she quickly got out of her car and walked into the clinic. After about 3 minutes inside the clinic, she came back out, got in her car and drove away. She did not take any information but it seems like she went in to look for someone since she was only in there a short amount of time. 
After the lady left, a while later the doctor showed up to perform surgical abortions. As he was driving up he saw our poster of an abortion gone wrong at the clinic a few months before, he just laughed and continued driving in. Once the doctor finished, as he was driving away he gave Gaby a thumbs up. For what reason? We will never know.
As long as abortions are being performed, as long as babies are being killed, we can't stop the prayers. Not only for the babies but for the conversion of the doctors, nurses and all who participate in abortion! For they are not our enemies, they are blinded to the truth! When I first started going to pray at the clinic I thought that everyone who worked there was an enemy. I would get cursed at, thrown the middle finger and told to go home by them. One random day the nurse said to me, "If you had an abortion you need to forgive yourself and be healed, because Jesus died on the cross for you and me so stop coming here." Little do they know as they were telling me this I was praying for God to bless them and change their hearts.
A prayer I usually say for the abortion workers at the clinic and for all around the world is, "Lord, bless theses nurses for you know them far better than I do. For even if they are doing wrong and killing your children they are still your children and they belong to you. Soften their hearts so they may see us praying for the mothers, fathers and for them. We don't like what they do because it goes against you but we love them because you call each and every one of us to love just like you love us. Give them love, mercy, compassion and understanding that they may see us praying and turn to you." Amen! Please continue to pray for them and for us. God Bless You.

In HIS Service,

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