Friday, February 26, 2010

Day 9 Surprises

This day was definitely full of surprises!

We have a poster that says, "Pregnant and scared? Had an abortion? Call 915-564-4444." A car drove into the clinic driveway asking about the poster. There were three women in the car and they mentioned that one of their sisters had already had 3 miscarriages and was very angry with God. We gave them information and they were very grateful. We gave them all rosaries and reminded them to pray for the babies and for the sister. I suggested to them to talk to the sister about seeking healing. They drove by a few more times smiling and thanking us.

Shortly after a very nice black truck drives in. To my surprise it was a former clinic security guard! I was so happy to see him. We gave each other a big hug! A few years ago when he was the guard, we would talk about life and it's struggles. We would talk about family. He has a daughter and a girlfriend. He would constantly tell me he hated working there and that it was difficult finding a new job. He finally got himself fired. I would tell him often to pray, and to ask God to help him find a good and dignified job where no blood money is involved.

After he was fired, I think the security guard company probably went through over 5 guards because they all just hated working there. The guards were treated horribly and they would complain of boredom. There hasn't been any security guards in over a year.

This young man, now has a great job, he has beautiful new truck, and feels like he can really provide for his family. I remember clearly telling him, "Once you leave this job, God will bless you!" And he has.

Another surprise came around. It was almost noon and I was about to leave when an old friend showed up! She happened to drive by and decided to pray. So we ended up staying for another hour. In her prayer she would say, "God, please save a baby!!!" My first reaction was to think, "The abortionist just left, he already did all the abortions. We'll just wait 'til they come out from recovery." Then I told myself, "I have faith, it can happen!" When one lady came out I approached her car to offer her post-abortion information. She did not look like she had an abortion, so I asked her, "Did you change your mind?" She said, "I didn't do it." I smiled at her and me unconvinced, I asked another way, "Did you go through the procedure?" She said very undecidedly, "No, but I might come back." I told her "Don't come back here, can I give you a gift?" She said, "For what?" "For your baby!" She smiled and I gave her a gift. I told her again not to come back and that abortion can harm her. I asked her to pray and that we would be praying for her too. She smiled and left. Please pray for her!!

And the final surprise! I was just notified a few hours ago that baby #4 was saved at the pregnancy help center, House of Hope at about the same time as baby 3. God is good!! And God is faithful! Please pray for these women and their babies. God bless you!!

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