Saturday, February 20, 2010

Day 4 – Spring campaign 40 Days for Life - El Paso

Today we saw nine patients go to the Schuster abortion clinic. Two of those patients by the Grace of God, decided to turnaround and leave without even going into the clinic! Your prayerful presence made a big difference! Praise God!

An additional three patients that had arrived dressed for abortion (loose clothing) left early enough that we believe that they left without having aborted their babies. Because we didn’t have a chance to talk to them on their way out we don’t know the exact reasons why they left. Possible reasons are that they changed their minds, that they made an appointment for another day, that their pregnancy test was negative etc. Usually when a person has an abortion the pain on her face, the sadness in her eyes, how she curls up into the seat of the car and her demeanor tells the story. Plus they normally leave with a white piece of paper with instructions. These three persons did not have those visible signs.

The other four patients had possible chemical abortions. When a pregnancy is in the early stages, the baby is chemically destroyed using an abortifacient named Mifepristone or RU486. For additional information on the RU486 and educational articles on abortion follow this link:

Gloria who is one of the abortion clinic owners mocked us as she arrived by moving her hands in a manner similar to how a priest would when giving a blessing. I was holding the Crucifix at the time and facing her. A few minutes later she came out to scream at us, but her face showed fright instead of showing anger like it usually does. Please pray for Gloria and all the clinic workers; that they can find a change of heart and a true conversion. Like the mothers and their babies, abortion practitioners also need our prayers.

On a lighter note today 27 prayer warriors came to the clinic! The women beat us (again!) by one with 14 vs. 13 men. The knights made their presence known this morning. Praise God that more men are beginning to visibly support life!

For the greater Glory of God,


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