Sunday, March 7, 2010

Miracle of LOVE

On Thursday, March 4th, it was a nice and warm day. Two of my good friends and I were planning to go eat at a local restaurant. All of us are sidewalk counselors. One of us, Esperanza Bustillos or “Espy” is one of the best sidewalk counselors that I have ever met. (Esperanza means "Hope.") She had a stroke one year ago and is now in a wheelchair. She talks with difficulty, and many times she cannot complete a word. But some of the words that she knows are, "God is good."

Esperanza has brought not only hope and love to many people outside an abortion clinic but also inside an abortion clinic. During her time as a sidewalk counselor, she brought hope and love to all people she met. As a sidewalk counselor for more than 12 years, she knows very well how things are praying outside an abortion clinic. When she would speak to a girl seeking an abortion, she knew very well what to say to them as they faced their unplanned pregnancy. Espy has helped save many mothers, fathers and babies from abortion. She has also helped many women to heal from abortion. I have seen miracles happen through Espy’s work outside of the abortion clinic. She has been always ready to talk, to hear or guide women to the right places. She has given her life to the pro-life ministry. She has loved the other sidewalk counselors that would stand with her day by day. Espy has shown love to those that walk by the abortion clinic and always had a smile for all people that passed by. It ranges from the workers that come every day to their office in front the abortion clinic; to Ricky who is a child that walks every day to go to school; and the garbage disposal workers that come every Friday. All of them know Espy. She has been a sign of hope and love to the people outside the abortion clinic.

Espy has also meant a lot to the people that works inside the abortion clinic. She has learned how powerful love is. Love transforms. She has loved the abortion clinic workers. She always says, “With love,” and “Love is the way.” She has given a smile to abortion clinic workers and even hugs. Not just that, but she has been there to listen to the clinic workers as they shared their personal problems. The clinic workers know that Espy loves them and that she prays for them. This did not happened in a blink of an eye. It has been planted by God, cultivated by God and accepted by Espy. There are so many stories to tell you about Espy’s work as a sidewalk counselor, but for now, I want to share the most recent one.

Because of the stroke, she has not been back to the abortion clinic for a year. During that time, the abortion providers have asked us countless times about Espy’s health. Every time I see her, she asks me about all the nurses, and the abortionist too. I know that Espy loves them deeply. They also have been very worried about Espy during all this time, but now, after more than a year without having the opportunity to see each other, Espy wanted to go to the abortion clinic to say hi to them. We parked outside of the abortion clinic, in the place where Espy used to work and give all her heart and time. I then called the clinic administrator and let her know that Espy was outside waiting to see all of them. I noticed that there were two cars parked in the parking lot. There were “patients” inside the abortion clinic. So, I thought that they were going to stay inside the abortion clinic because they were busy.

To my surprise, the workers walked outside to meet us! Espy with all her heart wanted to give them a hug and a kiss, so she did it, and they did it too! Espy was crying and they were crying too. Espy with so much effort tried to talk to them and said, "Hi, hello, how are you?" Her simple cry was a cry of love. The workers were absorbed in this love. They embraced Espy and gave her many kisses. There was love in the air, in their faces, in their words, in their eyes. They gave her many hugs, hugs of love and respect. The abortion clinic director, the one that used to fight with Espy and the one that used to tell her, “Go home,” now told her, "Espy we miss you, when are we going to see you outside again?"

Can you imagine that?! Can you picture this? This was a miracle; A miracle of love. This was the fruit of many sacrifices and many years of showing love and receiving love. Espy gave her life for the unborn, for the pregnant woman, for the abortion providers. Espy learned God’s word so well, “God is Love." Espy is still working; God is still using Espy to show His love, His mercy, His power. Espy is an example to all of us that want to follow God’s plan. She is an example that God is working. God is teaching. God is transforming. God is converting. God is alive inside those places of death. God is alive in Espy! May God bless Espy and the abortion providers that they together with us see Jesus one day face to face!


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  1. What a beautiful story! God is so good, all the time!

  2. Beautiful! Please tell Espy that Katherine from England sends her love and a big hug. xx