Thursday, March 4, 2010

Day 14 & 15 - God is in Control

The reflection for day 14 of the campaign is:
"Pray that we will have faith to realize that even now our Lord can bring an end to abortion." 
For the past few days I've had this thought that God will end abortion. He needs us to fight. The victory is already there, Jesus died for our sins. We are winning this battle against death. LIFE triumphs! We need to finish the race.
This is the 6th 40 Days for Life in El Paso. We've seen great miracles. All the Planned Parenthood's in El Paso are CLOSED (I think it's the PRAYER & FASTING that did it!!!) Even though planned parenthood in El Paso did not do abortions, they did abortion referrals and offer birth control and condoms.

The reason I love 40 Days for Life is because it is hope for our nation. I don't know much about politics, but I do know of God's power and strength. I know what God can do through us to end abortion. I've seen with my own eyes the miracles that God works. I've seen transformations in many people who are already practicing Christians growing in their relationship with Jesus Christ. I've seen conversions. I've witnessed healing. And all this because they chose to come out to a death camp (just like the Nazi holocaust) and prayed. Are you willing to offer 15 minutes, 30 minutes, an hour of prayer outside one of these abortion clinics? You WILL impact an eternal soul. 

It might feel a bit discouraging praying outside the abortion clinics, especially when you don't see the fruit of your sacrifice. But we need to continue to be faithful. Many abortion clinics are getting shut down nationwide. Many abortionists are getting their license suspended like this doctor, click this link for details 

I have a lot of hope for El Paso - Where no more women and men will have to even think of abortion when an unplanned blessing arises. Where people will choose the path to healing from past abortions. Where people will choose Jesus Christ and accept his gift of salvation. I want to invite you to listen to this amazing song. It's called God of this City by Chris Tomlin. Great meditation for today's blog. God bless you and please comment at the bottom and share your thoughts with us. 

Greater things are still to be done in this city.
You're the Lord of this nation. 

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