Sunday, March 21, 2010


There is a Crucifix that we bring to Hilltop abortion clinic and we place it on a stand in the mornings. The Crucifix is a graphic reminder of Our Lord sacrificing ALL, so that we may have a chance at salvation. It reminds us of why we are there, and why we refer to the hilltop abortion clinic as Calvary.

In reality all abortion clinics are in many ways like Calvary. Similarly to how Jesus was sacrificed violently, many children will be sacrificed in a violent manner. Like the good thief who repented on the last possible moment, we will see moms and dads repent from wanting to abort their babies. And like the bad thief, we will also see moms and dads reject life. We will see people supporting abortion and ridiculing us for being there, just like Jesus saw people ridiculing Him and uttering all kinds of vile things against Him. We will see people praying for the babies and their parents in their hour of need just like at Calvary, Our Lady, St. John and the Holy women prayed in front of the Cross. We will see the abortionist arrive and know that he will soon be using his instruments of death. Just like the soldiers drove those nails and that lance into the Flesh of Our Lord and Savior.

This morning while placing the Crucifix on the stand, 3 birds landed on the roof of the abortion clinic and started singing beautifully. It was like they were inviting other birds to join them in a choir to sing praises to Our Lord Jesus Christ. Soon several other birds joined them. It was a beautiful sign on a beautiful day when parents would change their minds on abortion. As many as four babies were spared this morning. Two babies for sure and two more very good possibilities. Being the feast of St. Joseph, we credit his intersession and noticed that babies’ fathers were also involved in those life decisions.

Tonight, please pray for all those babies who are in danger of an abortion and for their parents that Our Lord send His Angels to protect them from the temptation of abortion.

For Life!


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