Monday, March 1, 2010

Day 13 - Visit from an ex-clinic worker

Today, we saw six patients go inside the abortion clinic. Three accepted our information pamphlets. One of the persons that accepted our information left within 5 minutes. Please pray for these and all persons tempted by abortion.

A nurse that used to work at the abortion clinic came by twice to pick up some things. She stopped to let me know that she was very happy to have left the abortion clinic. She was happy that she didn’t work there anymore. She was all smiles and looked very happy. Praise God that she left that awful clinic! Please pray for her, so that she will never be tempted to work in a place like that again.

I remember the days when the security person was not working they would send this nurse out to escort patients inside. She saw us praying for countless hours and she knew that she was also in our prayers. This woman told us she got this job because it was the first place that would hire her instantly. Her husband had just been in a car accident and they needed something quick. She would tell us often she didn't like working there. She always greeted us with a smile but didn't look happy to be there.

Abortion clinic workers need to know that we love them and that we pray for them. They, like those children who are aborted, are children of God. She knew we loved her and never judged her.

Please continue praying for all those persons who work in the abortion industry. Pray for the abortionists and supporters of abortion, that they may have a change of heart.

For Life!


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