Friday, October 7, 2011

10 Days of Miracles

40 Days for Life - El Paso started strong with almost 20 people praying at our kick-off vigil. Things get better each day. We're on day 10 of the campaign and we've seen 7 babies saved (that we know of). On Day 2, a young couple came in from Juarez. They were terrified. We prayed and asked the archangels Michael, Gabriel and Raphael to give them good counsel. And they did alright! They came out and the young woman accepted a hug from Pat, our sidewalk counselor. The young woman cried and was happy she chose life!

Another story worth sharing: I got an email from a friend named Barbie. She said that her friend's sister (sorry if its confusing) went to the clinic to abort her baby on Wednesday. When a sidewalk counselor offered her information, she lied and said she was there for something else. She left moments later because she thought the sidewalk counselor was Barbie. She didn't have the abortion! The sidewalk counselor was Pat. Maybe Barbie and Pat look alike? If she hadn't thought it was Barbie, she would have had the abortion!

Talking to a young woman who chose life
And one more story I can share is something that happened today. After 2 babies being saved, I was encouraged and kept praying for more children to be saved today. I felt the need to walk to the other side of the building and when I got there a couple was parking on the street. I knew it was my guardian angel who pushed me to walk to the other side. I spoke with them for a few minutes and the last thing I said was, "If things get difficult for you, adoption is a very beautiful thing you can do. You know about Steve Jobs right, that he died?" They said, "Oh yes, yes." And I told them, "Did you know he was adopted? His mom could have aborted him, but instead she allowed a genius to be born." Both of their mouths dropped and they went inside. Almost 2 hours later they came out and said, "We changed our minds!!"

YOU can be part of these miracles. Join us at the prayer vigils! When my friend Lorina arrived to pray at the clinic, a mother (the one from the picture) had just chosen life. Lorina said, "I never get to see any of it happen," in a joking way. Moments later was when the couple from the last story chose life, God allowed Lorina to see the fruits of her prayers.  
I hope that these stories encourage you to come pray at the clinics. That's what 40 Days for Life is all about! 

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