Thursday, March 10, 2011

Graphic Images Save a Child from Death

Today is the 2nd day of 40 Days for Life. I know that some of the sidewalk counselors and I thought this morning, "Lord, when are you going to start saving some babies!" So after a long morning of prayer, just before leaving, a young couple of about 18 years old arrived. I introduced myself and her name was also Gaby. I asked her if she was thinking about abortion. She said, "Yes." I showed her the information and said, "This is what they do to the children," and showed her the graphic images of the "Did you know?" pamphlet. 

She ran to her car and started to cry - a lot. Her boyfriend came over and I gave him a rosary and told him, "Your baby's heart is already beating out of love for you. If you pray, you will never have to go through an abortion...ever." He thanked me and they went inside the clinic. 

Moments later they came out and stayed in their car for about 15 minutes - longest 15 minutes of my life. My friend Karen offered them an ultrasound and it seemed like they snapped out of it and started leaving. I approached their car and asked her how she was feeling. I then asked her if she was keeping her baby. Still sad, she said yes. She asked about the ultrasound and I gave her a pair of baby booties. I tried to help lift her spirit and assured her she was doing the right thing. She finally smiled and thanked us. 

Those long hours in the sun paid off! 

I know that many people don't agree with showing graphic images as a way to help save lives. However, this is a perfect example that it is necessary for people to see the truth. We need to put a face to what the sin of abortion is and for women to confront their reality. I remember 2 years ago when I shared this story with you, What does it mean to be a soldier for CHRIST?, I posted that the father of a baby was greatly affected by the graphic image and it played a big role in choosing life for his family. 

We shouldn't be afraid of these images. We need to spread the word and show it to our friends. Below are links to pictures and videos. 
I hope this story encourages you to join us praying at the clinics. God bless you! 

- Gabriela 

Graphic Images:
Abortion video with Eduardo Verastegui (actor from Bella):  (scroll to bottom of page) 

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