Friday, October 22, 2010

God Sent Me an Angel

We're at the final days of 40 Days for Life and these days are usually the most tiring. As I dragged myself to the clinic to pray and sidewalk counsel, I thought that maybe we won't do 40 Days for Life next year. It's not fun being out there by myself at all. 

After finishing my St. Michael prayer, I soon started my Rosary. A mother and daughter walked out of the abortion clinic. As I tried talking to them, only the mom, Irma, approached me and said that her daughter, Estefania, couldn't do it. Irma told me that last night she was still trying to convince her daughter to not have an abortion. The mother showed incredible faith in God and seemed sure that her daughter would not have an abortion. I gave them all the information and pamphlets and handed her some baby booties some great friends crocheted. This makes it 25 lives saved since September 22! 

Moments later, a truck drove out, and the woman inside was in tears of despair. If you've ever seen this when praying at the mill, it's very disheartening because you know she didn't want to do it, was maybe pressured or just regretted it moments later. 

So while I'm still in awe of the saved baby, sad seeing a crying mom, a young man walks by the clinic, and turns back to ask me how to get to the Cathedral. I tell him and he looks at Our Lady of Guadalupe, sighs, and just stares at her image with so much love. He asks me, "What are you doing?" I said, "I'm praying because they kill babies here." He grabbed one of my rosaries I had on the chair to give out to the women and he said, "Let's pray a rosary then." As soon as he said this, I knew he was heaven sent. We began to pray and I just felt so much peace. I was so happy because I no longer was by myself. As we were praying, he kept staring at Our Lady with so much love and reverence and his face would brighten. He then would then glance at the 8 week baby in the womb poster with a lot of sadness. [One of the main reasons we have the image of Our Lady of Guadalupe is because of what the image represents. In the image she is pregnant with Jesus.]

After we prayed a decade of the Rosary, he stopped and said, "I have to go to the Cathedral to pray. I have to make a trip somewhere very far and I won't come back." He then asked, "Please say a prayer for me at 12. I am going now." I then asked, "What is your name?" He said, "I'm just a twin, I have no name." He said bye but I hugged him instead. I told him, "God bless you and I will pray." He looked sad to leave, but content and accomplished. He sighed and walked away. The back of his jacket said EAGLE. 

Minutes later, after wiping my tears and thanking God for sending him, I see 6 beautiful white doves flying across the street in front of the clinic. I thought, "God why 6? Why not a biblical number, like 7?" The instant answer was, "The angel I sent you was the 7th."

What a blessing to be directly encouraged by His Holy Angels! The angels are here to help us and encourage us! Don't be afraid to talk to your guardian angel. They are just waiting to give us good counsel and protect us. 

Hope to see you all next week for the Jericho March. Hilltop clinic October 25 - 31st.  Monday - Sunday. Each day at 6:30pm.  

God bless you and may the Holy Angels protect you! 

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