Friday, September 24, 2010

Day 2 - Singing in the Rain!

Tropical storm Georgette did not stop Louisa who arrived first at the mill from Juarez in a t-shirt and capris.  In the pouring rain while being completely soaked and saying, "It's cold,"  she received pro-life information, a rosary, and a miraculous medal. At this time Miguel was being drenched in the rain, but praying the rosary for Louisa's change of heart. 

About 11:00A.M. she came out of the mill with her friend, hurried to her car in the sprinkling rain, said she was keeping her baby, and received her gift with a big smile and with a reminder that we are praying for her.
In the rain, Abbie hurried into the mill  while hearing some heartening, pro-life words from me.
When she ran out of the mill in her t-shirt and pants in the drizzling rain, she said with a smile that she was keeping her one-month old baby.  She also said,"I don't like this place," after being encouraged to use pro-life medical services.  She received only a soggy, blue rosary- blame it on Georgette!
This is what happened, "Singing in the Rain," while I got some exercise running after the mothers!! 

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